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Tinka 8L Giant Bubble Concentrate
Meri Holmes (Wellington, NZ)
Great for all ages!

We had a blast with the bubbles, the kids loved them but so did the adults.

We Love Our Bubbles

Your bubbles entertained many children xmas day last year and then what we had left was loved since by children at

Pour ‘n Play Giant Bubble Kit
V.R. (Auckland, NZ)
Perfect entertainer

Kids are very happy and enjoyed.. Even the adults included me

Family Fun

We have so much fun with giant bubbles, fun for adults, children and the dog!!!

Concentrate Giant Bubble Kit
gina Preece (Dunedin, NZ)
Great family fun!!!!

We love using the poor and play mixture. Hours of entertainment for the family and awesome for birthday parties.

Concentrate Kids Giant Bubble Kit
Customer (Morrinsville, NZ)


Tinka 8L Giant Bubble Concentrate
Traci Fricker (Auckland, NZ)
Looooove our giant bubbles

We had so much fun with these bubbles. All the children at the campground wanted to hang out with us!!

Kids Windy Day Wand
Caroline Haught (Auckland, NZ)
Hours of fun

The windy day wand is worth way more than its weight in gold when it comes to entertainment value for kids! It's a great size for kids up to about 9-10 years, is easy to use, and produces hundreds of bubbles! We take our Giant Bubbles to the local park often and nearly always have someone ask us where we got them - they are just amazing! They make great birthday presents too.

8L bubble concentrate

Good stuff! Love the bubbles guys.
Still I would be keen to catch up one day and see how it's done!!

Tinka 8L Giant Bubble Concentrate
Cheryl A. (Porirua, NZ)
Wonderful for all ages

Wonderful fun for both my grandchildren and daughter. Well, for me too. Bubbles are magical and huge ones that sail about for aged even more so. Some even join up!

Fun for everyone!

I bought these as Christmas presents for all the kids last year and it was a hit- I wasn’t there but I was told that the kids and the parents enjoyed it thoroughly. I was the best aunty ever … until the solution ran out. So, if you are thinking of getting some here’s a PSA for you. Get the extra solution. I’m personally looking forward to gifting this AND finally playing with it myself to my nephew this Christmas… with extra concentrate. Who’s getting all the baby cuddles this Christmas? ME!!!

Starter Kit - 8L Tinka Giant Bubble Concentrate

What an awesome set, makes HUGE bubbles and gave our kids many days of entertainment!! Great stocking stuffer!!

Concentrate Kids Giant Bubble Kit
Sally Fagence (Auckland, NZ)
Rainbow 🌈 Bubbles

Such incredible bubbles which give so much joy to young and old and all in between. Can’t wait to enjoy again this summer in the garden with the grandchildren.

Bubble juice

I love this product and what it can produce! Nothing else iv bought I’d anything like it.

Concentrate Kids Giant Bubble Kit
Vickie Scott (Hamilton, NZ)
Giant bubbles

We love the giant bubble mix! We have bought it several times and it is always a hit with children and adults!
When you cover your mix, it lasts for ages.

Windy Day Wand
Charlotte Harding (Auckland, NZ)
Windy wand

Love my windy day want only problem is it getting tangled up, which I think is more challenged with wool over a cotton fibre but when we have it detangled its amazing! and the tangles provide small bubbles vibes.

Thank you for your review Charlotte! We have since made changes to the yarn use and it now tangles less easily. The yarn as its thicker and hold more juice for more bubbles.

Concentrate Giant Bubble Kit
Tina Elsdon (Auckland, NZ)
great product

easy and clear instructions, kids loved the giant bubbles

Such fun 🫧

The whole family had a wonderful time making, chasing and popping the giant bubbles. Highly recommend the Giant Bubble products

Pour ‘n Play Kids Giant Bubble Kit
Bobbie Beaumont (Hamilton, NZ)

Most loved toy in my arsenal. Our 10yr old literally jumped for joy

Concentrate Giant Bubble Kit
Nicky (Porirua, NZ)
Best Bubbles ever!

Exceptional service/devlivery - great communication!! The products are good quality - the bubbles are amazing!! Highly addictive! Highly recommend!

Pour ‘n Play Kids Giant Bubble Kit
Stephanie Judd (Auckland, NZ)
Awesome bubbles!

Great product! Arrived promptly- such a great idea for Christmas!

Concentrate Kids Giant Bubble Kit
pieta (Christchurch, NZ)
Awesome Holiday Activity

I love giant bubbles and this solution is the business… if you want real big, super large bubbles that have enough integrity to travel and capture the attention of people in your neighbourhood this is the mix for you. I buy this stuff for the school term holidays because so many people end up enjoying them - and even the staunchest of kids ends up chasing the bubbles and wanting to have a go! It brings out the best in everyone!

The Big Pour ‘n Play Giant Bubble Kit
Anita Johansen (Napier City, NZ)
Big bubbles

Such as cool thing for the kids! Definitely recommend.

Windy Day Wand
Darryl Morris (Auckland, NZ)
Love it

Love it so easy to use and the kids love it!

10L Giant Bubble Concentrate
Wendy Miller (Auckland, NZ)
Great Big Bubbles

We have a community play trailer and the big bubbles are a wonderful addition to our play equipment, the tamariki love making them.